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Majik Journey Earth Walk Cards

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Inspired by Mother Earth
Enchanted by the history & culture of the Kimberley region
Created by Jessica Duff - Wyndham, Western Australia

An introduction to the Earth Walk Cards

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The set of 23 paintings represents the Alchemical journey of the spirit. Alchemy best known for the ancient art of turning metal into gold also relates to a spiritual journey. This journey is the soul's "Earth Walk" and eventual recognition of the true self and God. This is a very simple process that we tend to make complicated by getting so caught up in our physical experiences and what is going on around us, we lose sight of the "big picture". In doing this we forget our connection to God/Spirit and can often feel alone or abandoned not knowing which direction to take because we have lost our faith. This is easy to do in the fast, demanding world we have created on Earth. We only have to take a moment and look around us to see how easy it is to get out of balance. These cards are offered as a tool to get our attention. Sometimes we need a little something - Runes, Crystals, Colour, a visit to Church - to remind us of the higher vibration surrounding us and Spirit energy that is always here to protect and direct us. All we have to do is take a moment to listen to the messages - a moment to contemplate our journey and how best to walk it. You have chosen this Earth Walk. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the experience. The paintings are influenced by the study of ancient alchemy art works as well as memories from the Kimberley in Western Australia. Scenery in the work is from places that have held me spellbound with their beauty and touched me with a great love from Mother Earth. The animals are all beings I have met and spent time with during my 22 years in the Kimberley.

It is with great respect that I share these images and I am both proud and humble to be able to translate their messages to paper. Without love, respect and acceptance of people I met during my "Kimberley Life" this work would not have been possible. When I began I knew that Aboriginal History, as I understand it today, was showing me the true story of Alchemy. The story began in a place where Mother Earth and all her creatures were in balance. From there began a journey of people who came out of the bush and began their "Earth Walk" and their lessons of this incarnation. To leave the safe place where their soul and spirit were one was a great wrench and the journey walked though the "old ways" and connection to the spirit in dreaming have been forgotten. It has left an empty space in people's hearts. This feeling of loss and disconnection happens to all of us when we forget about our connection to our inner world, God, Spirit and Mother Earth. Many friends who have been working through their life's experiences are talking to me of returning to their lands. As they enter the last phase of their Earth Walk they are taking time to reconnect with Spirit through the Dreaming and to realise that the love and protection of their souls essence has been there with them at all times. This reconnection will happen with a new awareness. We grow and work through much Karma on our "Earth Walk".  Everything will be as it was before and yet everything will change as we return to our connection with spirit and the love and compassion that is in us all.
Jessica Duff

.. All artwork copyright of Alan Symes - Darwin, Australia 2002
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