Inspired by Mother Earth
Enchanted by the history & culture of the Kimberley region
Created by Jessica Duff - Wyndham, Western Australia
People involved in creating the Majik Journey Earth Walk cards
(notes by Jessica Duff)
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I met Ian in the late 90's. Ian had seen some of my paintings and liked the energy of them. He asked me if I could interpret some ancient Alchemy paintings into a modern day pictures. I was very flattered and felt I would not be able to do such a task. Ian was a friend of Alan's and right back on day one of the cards conception Alan was there paying for coloured photocopies of the original prints for me to take home and study. The paintings took me three years to paint and another two before they became prints. I lived every moment of their teachings and through a strange set of circumstances ended up writing the story myself. I have not seen Ian again to this day but know that at some time he will get back in contact. The Earth Walk cards were Ian's idea. He studied ancient alchemy writings and pictures from the fifteenth century which he believed held the key to ancient teachings on the spiritual and physical process of alchemy.  The artwork is my interpretation of the original works and the written interpretation is taken from my own channelling and study which I am sure is quite different from Ian's vision. However, without Ian and his research into the ancient art of Alchemy there would be no cards. 


Alan was born in North Island,  New Zealand and now lives in the North of Australia where he runs a shipping container handling business. He has been the financier of the cards from day one. He supported me as an artist to get them painted and then funded the very expensive part of getting them ready to sell. Alan loves money and is not backward about telling you he likes the best money can buy, however, he comes from the heart and does not hoard money to himself nor is he attached to it. Alan always said that the cards were his way of 'balancing the books.' he called them his gift to the world and without him there would be no cards.


Ben Broadwith

My love and passion for the East Kimberley landscape developed at a very young age. I grew up in Wyndham from the age of 2, spent 10 wonderful years there and have lived in Kununurra for 18. I remember as a young boy, having my face pressed up against the window of the school bus, staring in awe across the mudflats at the Cockburn Ranges. 
Today, I am privileged to be able to walk those ranges with reverence and humility in my heart and the gift of imagination.
I hope my photos raise awareness about this majestic, ancient, albeit fragile landscape and that it inspires people to come visit.


Gerald was born in Wyndham in the East Kimberley in Western Australia.  After moving away from the Kimberley to study and work Gerald has now returned home to Wyndham where he works with Indigenous Affairs throughout the East Kimberley. Gerald became involved with the cards at a time when I knew I had to let them go. He encouraged me not to bury them and when I was too busy doubting and questioning my own beliefs and motives he took over the task of getting them ready for reprint. Without him there would be no more cards. Pictured with daughter Jayarna..


Sarah is a Veterinarian in Kununurra in the North of Western Australia. Sarah travels over 1,000 kilometres a month to cover the vast area she has under her care. Sarah's clinic uses a very successful mixture of traditional and holistic medicine to take care of all the injured and abandoned wild life in the East Kimberley. Sarah, (with the help of others), will be taking the cards on the next step of their journey and will use all her profits to fund a wild life centre in the Kimberley for the rehabilitation of injured wild life. Without her, and the cards, this could not continue.


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All artwork copyright of Alan Symes - Darwin, Australia 2002