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Enchanted by the history & culture of the Kimberley region
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Earth Walk Card Readings by Jessica

Jessica Duff - 2016

Earth Walk Card Readings by Jessica Duff

The card readings and numerology charts that are advertised on this site are all created through clairvoyance in the traditional way.  They are all individualised readings. 
Nothing is computer generated. 
I work with ancient laws of alchemy, meditation and universal energies to personalise your reading. Because of this readings do take time, so please allow a few days for your results. 

Card readings are $15 for a one card flip which is a reading on a certain situation. 
By choosing a card you give me permission to draw others for you when  necessary
A full reading is $50 and includes past present and future.
For a full numerology chart the fee is $150 - send me an email to

Alchemy cards are quite different to Tarot. 
We always have a choice and these cards tell you the choices you are required to make for the outcomes you require. They are a powerful tool to work through lessons that can block our success.

These readings are done with love and a desire to help people along their path. 

Thankyou for visiting this site.
Jessica Duff


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